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Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year...

Since my discovery of The Place, a New Year has arrived. I ushered it in with a hearty toast (more of a prayer, actually) to much less drama! All the many changes and revelations last year were quite enough for awhile, thank you very much!

I recently shared with Dorothy and Alice that I am now looking for that elusive "something" that is missing in my life. What with all the upheavals and changes from last year causing me to cocoon myself here in The Place, I know I must emerge and grab hold of life, such as it is. But what is it exactly? I have a deep need to make a difference to someone or something. The problem is learning how to distance myself emotionally while making a difference. Is that even possible? Must what I do always be accompanied by emotional stress? My friends tell me not to worry. Something will come along, and I will recognize it. It will call to me, they say. But in order to best hear it, I must be emotionally ready. I must diligently maintain a positive attitude. Knowing myself quite well, I believe I will need some help in doing that! So I have been looking for something to aid me as I struggle to remain "up," disregarding those obvious traps into which I have often fallen. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be! Thankfully, there are those who realize that we all need help now and then. My discovery even fits right into the most looked-for event of my week! I'll serve myself and my friends some Happy Tea. It will "help move those blues away" and gives one an "uplifting experience"!! It's sold at Etsy by wildroot (botanicals) along with other herb-related products. Here's to a better year and a happier me!!

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