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Friday, January 22, 2010

Artists and friends...

One of my daily go-to blogs is by a favorite Etsy artist. I like to see how she is currently being inspired and to look at the really strange and wonderful images she finds. Recently, she commented on one of those images and how it reminded her of what it feels like when her depression medication wears off. Since I had to convo her at Etsy to let her know that I had gotten an item I ordered, I also mentioned how much I appreciated her openness in sharing about her depression.

Here's what she had to say:

"Yes, I'm medicated. (Sorry to offend delicate constitutions out there.)

Couldn't make a single thing without it.

Never used to do/make anything because just existing was so overwhelming to the senses and to my brain. Everything was difficult and exhausting.

I thank god for the miracle(s) of modern medicine.

My salvation.

Though, it doesn't demand worship or acts of blind faith. It doesn't go against logic or suggest I move to an ashram in a far-off land...

Ah, medication.

Without it I would rather not be alive. Very much so.

Although saying that upsets a lot of people. People who have no imagination and have never been in pain. And like to talk about ridiculous things like whether suicide is a cowardly act. I'd like to put those people out of my misery, is what I'd like."

So honest and straightforward. And so very true.

(Image and words from fancifuldevices at Etsy and on her blog found at http://fancifuldevices.blogspot.com)

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