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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl of Snacks...

It's officially here--Superbowl Sunday. There are three things that are of interest to me. First, I can indulge in any snacks I want and as much as I want without feeling guilty. Thus far I've had ice cream and M&M's chocolate covered almonds. I'm about ready to hit the golden Oreo cookies! (I sent Dorothy and Alice home since I didn't want to share.) The second thing is watching the commercials. I never remember the sponsor of the ad, so they are losing money on me. The third thing I notice about the game is the colors of the uniforms. I usually decide which team I pull for based on which color I like better. Tonight I like the Saints uniforms since I dress in almost all neutral colors. Although blue is okay since I also wear blue jeans. A dilemma. Hhmmm. Back to the food. Yummy.

(Find these snacks at candyaddict.com.)

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