Wallpaper entitled "Hope"

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Friday, February 5, 2010


We are once again experiencing Mother Nature's fickleness. Will it rain? Sleet? Snow? Any combination of the above? What we do have is a gray day with something coming down from the clouds that differs from hour to hour. Of course, I'm praying for snow. Please, please more snow.

Yesterday and today have both been very good days. I made it out both days for appointments and to go to the drugstore and grocery store. Two days in a row, more than one place to go.

This clearly calls for a celebration!

(The image used in this post is from artist Chuck Kaiser and is entitled "Celebration II." It is sold at his website chuckkaiser.com.)


  1. Congratulations my dear! I think you deserve some celebratory snow.

  2. Oh, thanks so much!! I would love more snow, now or later!