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Friday, March 5, 2010

Strait talk...

After working on yesterday's post, I was reminded just how much I adore bindings. Meaning, of course, as fashion. Corsets, harnesses, cage skirts, anything wrapped, strapped and layered, belted or laced. I can still get away with most of this because it has simply always been my style. I was wearing lingerie as outerwear long, long ago. Now, my dad did call me a "street walker" and refused to take me out anywhere if he thought I was dressed to an extreme. Hhhmmppphh. Today, he takes my niece out no matter how she is dressed, and most of the time, she shows way more skin than I ever did! Not to criticize her. She is a cutie-pie. The difference is that I was more covered up than not, wearing a lot more stuff than the youngins do today. I didn't feel completely dressed unless I had on at least five pieces of clothing. My friends used to takes bets on how many I would show up wearing.

How did I get reminded of this? Well...

(Jacket is by Jim Stewart.)

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