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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She thinks I'm cccuuuuuuttttteeeeeeeeeee...

Our new puppy Munson has come and gone. Well, not literally. He arrived last Wednesday evening. His rescuer said that he threw up in her car on the way home from getting him from the shelter. So while she didn't feed him after Wednesday morning in an effort to keep that from happening to us, he still may have felt nauseous. The blanket we put in the front seat for him was soaked, and so was he. He seemed especially afraid of my hubby at first, but he is coming around quickly. When I first met him, I understood why the lady called him "Wiggles." His entire body wags or wiggles when he is happy! He is so adorable, but the poor darling is skin and bones. We have got to put some weight on him ASAP. And I can't believe that I forgot what puppies do. They explore, they chew, they are hyper, their attention span is about two seconds, they put everything in their mouths, etc. He only has two switches: on and then some, and off. I'm used to the older ones, who are calm and tend to sleep most of the day. He has to be constantly watched because of his puppy actions and because he isn't completely housebroken. The good news is that he really doesn't have any behavioral issues that I can see. He has already behaved quite well when I correct him. The others are acting fine, just as I thought they would. Berra chases him around the yard, but he is so much faster that he can sit and wait for Berra to catch up. Then just before Berra reaches him, he's off again! Guidry is definitely finding him to be a typical annoying little brother! Maris, with her quiet personality, seems to confuse him, and he hasn't interacted very much with her. Which, of course, is fine by Maris! He seemed to be one of family after only a few days, and he makes us laugh quite a lot! He has, however, chewed up the following (and may I add, during my hubby's watch): a remote control, a plastic package of dental floss, my hubby's new $1400 glasses (this was when his name changed to Craig's List), a telephone bill, a shoe and every day's newspaper. I have given him all the toys out of their toy box, but did I say his attention span was two seconds? I meant one.

Well, we had decided on a name for him, but my other half didn't think the name we picked out suited him once he was here and wanted to change it. Munson was a great name, and I had decided to call him Muney. Well, I am happy to reintroduce the new little guy as....Jeter! It's not a name that is in the same era of the others, of course, and I can't quite get used to it yet. I've probably called him by name only a few times, since usually it's Sweetie, Cutie, or Precious. And those are almost always preceded by a firm "no"! He looks like he is always smiling, so it's hard to keep a straight face to discipline him. And he does seem to always be happy. Even when Guidry gives him her most ferocious toothy stay-away-from-me-or-it-will-be-the-last-thing-you-do look.

I'm guessing that if he chews up one more costly item, it won't be only his name that will change. I better hurry up and order his tags!

(Image is entitled "Resting in the Shade" by ANJacobsen at Etsy. This looks just like Jeter while he is waiting for Berra to catch up with him, including the way his eyes appear like he's judging how much time he has before he takes off again!)


  1. You sure you don't want to name him Rudolph?

  2. I am having trouble with Jeter, and he doesn't respond to it yet. Now that you mention it, Rudy would be a good name...:)