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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rethinking the beginning...

I wrote about the beginning of my adventure in my last post. However, I realize that it wasn't really a beginning at all. It could have been considered an end. It certainly felt that way for awhile. It might have been more of a change of direction along life's highway. I know it has changed me. It has caused an upheaval in my life the likes of which I have never experienced. It made me consider the scope of my life in terms of good and bad, ups and downs, and of successes and failures. Early on, I saw nothing good and no successes, only a series of failures that I could hardly endure considering. There was so much pain in the events themselves, and reviewing them was all the more painful. I think that is really how I found The Place. I was alone there for awhile, seeing that landscape before me and frozen in fear. It was only when Dorothy and Alice arrived that I was able to relax a little bit. I'm not usually good in social settings, but really, Dorothy is such an old friend that I immediately felt comfortable. I had met Alice once or twice, but that was many years ago, and I hadn't thought of her since. As companions go, I could not have found better. They have been able to draw on their own adventures and have helped my struggle in The Place to be less difficult. Don't get the wrong idea--it still isn't easy. I doubt it will ever be easy. I'm just hoping for less pain.

(The image used in this post is from BestArtStudio2 at Etsy and is entitled "Heartache and Poetry XVI.")

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