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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's start at the beginning...

Having nothing better to do one fine afternoon, I found myself drifting to a Place which I cannot quite describe. It was unusual, to be certain. Some might even say weird or strange. I felt, however, right at home here. Directly before me were swirling emotions and memories with which I could interact. The main area in which I stood was empty, much to my relief. There was a small table with chairs, and it was set up for a tea party, complete with place settings and names. Reading the cards, I discovered my own name. I was the first to arrive. I sat down and waited on the remaining guests. Imagine my surprise when Dorothy and Alice appeared. I took responsibility of pouring the tea while Alice passed the tray of biscuits. We had a delightful time drinking tea, nibbling on shortbread and sharing thoughts. When the tea and biscuits were gone, we made a pact to meet every week for afternoon tea. We realized that our time together had helped make sense of the craziness of our lives.

It is here that I have chosen to journal the time we spent in that Place in hopes that the adventures of Dorothy, Alice and I might be of help to anyone out there in dealing with their own crazy life. I will record our discussions as well as the projects we undertook. I hope you find them interesting.

(The image used in this post is entitled "Time to Begin," a mixed media collage. It is sold at Etsy and is by LaraBlair."

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