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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remains of the day...

Well, one of the hardest things I've had to do in awhile is past me. We did decide to have one of our rescue dog's eyes removed. I've posted Maris' story earlier. After talking to both our regular vet and the vet eye specialist and taking all factors into consideration, we opted to have it done. Maris went in last week for same-day surgery and needed only one or two days of recovery before she was back to being (mostly) herself. We had this same procedure done years ago with Taylor (who left us not too long after his surgery), and his recovery took two very long and difficult weeks. We didn't know it at the time, but he had a brain tumor that had started pushing his eye out. The surgery was performed by our regular vet, not the eye specialist. Not that our vet didn't do a great job, but sometimes a specialist sees something that a non-specialist wouldn't. That's why they are specialists, no? We were worried that Maris' recovery would be painful and difficult. There tends to be leakage both from the eye as well as the nose as a result of this surgery. Maris had one day of leakage that was bloody. After that, it was the "draining" type of leakage, and it lasted about two days. She has managed beautifully, probably because she had already lost sight in that eye. And the specialist assured us that all of the cancer had been removed. By the end of last week, she was already chasing her brother and sister around the yard and was starting wrestling matches with them. She has a mean left jab. However, I've been curbing those matches because until the stitches come out, I don't think there should be any roughhousing!

I'm so relieved that we made the right decision. I didn't want to lose her yet. She is truly an angel. When hubby went to pick her up, the specialist and the assistants said that Maris was the sweetest dog they had ever had in the office. Our regular vets and their assistants say the same thing. Maris is gentle and hesitant when greeting anyone, but she always greets lovingly.

I think if I were almost deaf, had one of my eyes and half of my lower jaw removed, a fingernail taken off, a cancerous lesion on the back of my neck soon to be removed and been rescued after almost a month of neglect (including no food or water), I doubt I could be sweet. I think I would not greet the world lovingly. I would most likely be required to wear some sort of warning sign.

Or probably several at one time so that no one would fail to get the message...

(Top two images are resin bracelets found at sisicata at Etsy. The last image is found at BoingoJennie, also at Etsy.)


  1. I'm so glad Maris' surgery went well! She sounds like a dog I'd like to meet.

  2. Wow, I made those photos big! Yikes.

    You would love her. She is a special one, that's for sure!